At Resilient Leadership Academy, we believe in building an equitable and inclusive world. To achieve this goal. we understand we have to be part of some very challenging conversations.

This year as part of the 2021 International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge initiative, we launched a survey asking people why they, at times, choose not to speak up about gender inequity. We then decided to add some creativity to the survey responses that we received.

We created 8 gender inequitable scenarios, using the survey feedback, as a way to explore people’s emotions on this topic.

We are very excited to have received a variety of submissions from Australia, France, Indonesia, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. We are even more grateful that these creative souls are brave enough to share their personal experience with us through art. We acknowledge some experiences can be very confronting, but that is the reason why we initiated this Expressions of Gender Equity art project – to explore and raise awareness.

We encourage our readers to feel the discomfort and invest in our own courage so we can collectively build an equitable and inclusive future. As always, self-care is very important; remember to seek help if required.

Trigger Warning: This page may contain information relating to someone’s gender inequitable experiences including suicides. This may be triggering to readers with similar experiences.