Have You Got Career Questions?

We understand building a career is not easy. You may have career questions that you wish that you had answers for. This is why we have partnered with JCI Eastern to launch the Career Talk Podcast for Young Professionals.

What Is Career Talk Podcast for Young Professionals?

It is an initiative by JCI Eastern and RLA designed to help young professionals, particularly those who are based in Australia, navigate the winding path of career building.

Listen to the Podcast

To listen to season 2, visit here.

To listen to season 1, visit here.

How to Get Involved?

The Career Talk Podcast for Young Professionals will consist of short “straight-to-the-point” episodes featuring answers to some of the top career questions.

But how do we know what “top career questions” to answer? That’s where young professionals like you come in. 

If you are a young professional with career questions in your mind, send your questions to us by clicking on the image below and complete the request. We will try our best to seek out answers for you.