Finding clarity often requires us to push beyond our boundaries and step outside our comfort zone. However, going beyond our boundaries comes with fears and maybe even the risk of failure.

When is a good time to push our boundaries? How do we step outside our comfort zone? What about failures? How do we prepare ourselves to face the emotions that may come with stepping outside our comfort zone?

These are the questions that our guest Associate Professor Dr. Ritesh Chugh (CQ University) and interviewer Nischal Niroula (JCI Eastern) will be discussing in this Career Talk episode.

This episode is hosted by Dr Suzi Chen (Resilient Leadership Academy) and Shaun Ng (JCI Eastern).

Show notes

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  • Full bio of Dr Ritesh Chugh:

Dr. Chugh, holding the position of Associate Professor in Information and Communication Technologies at CQUniversity‘s School of Engineering and Technology, is widely acknowledged for his innovative contributions in both education and research fields. Celebrated as an award-winning educator, he is known for his engaging teaching styles and focus on student-centric learning.

His expertise spans a diverse range of subjects such as systems management, social media, and enhancing learning through technology, with particular strength in qualitative research. This expertise is reflected in his impressive publication record of over 100 papers, which have garnered more than 170,000 reads.

In the realm of public speaking, Dr. Chugh is a highly sought-after keynote and guest speaker at numerous national and international events. His insights have also attracted attention from major media outlets including The Australian, The Conversation, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Dr. Chugh has made significant contributions to influencing public policy, notably through submissions to the Victorian parliament. His professional engagement extends to serving as a senior member in prestigious organizations such as the ACS, IEEE Computer Society and HEA.

His recognition in the field is evident from over 21 nominations and awards in various categories. Most importantly, Dr. Chugh is dedicated to guiding students and young professionals in identifying their career paths and gaining clarity in their professional journeys.

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