If you are feeling lost in your career, you are not alone. Many young professionals feel their career lacks clarity.

While it is not unusual to feel lost in our career, unfortunately, career clarity will only come with us actively pursuing it.

In this episode, Kehsee Ng (Senior Associate, The Family Lawyer) and Kristdel Bolog (Founder and Partner, The Family Lawyer) discuss some of the practical strategies that we could implement to explore new career options and gain clarity.

This episode is hosted by Dr Suzi Chen (Resilient Leadership Academy) and Shaun Ng (JCI Eastern).

Show notes

Kristdel Bolog’s Bio:

Kristdel embarked on her professional path early in life. While still in high school, Kristdel began volunteering at the local state member’s office in rural Victoria. Simultaneously, Kristdel actively served as a member of the fire brigade, holding certifications in both wildfire and low-structure fires. Following high school, Kristdel met her first husband, and together they relocated to Geelong, where Kristdel commenced part-time studies in law. To sustain themselves financially, Kristdel sought full-time employment and connected with a Melbourne-based recruiting agency, impressed by her skill set and prior experience, Kristdel was offered a position in the CEO’s office in an administration role.

After approximately a year in an administrative role, Kristdel aspired to pursue a career in law. Kristdel applied for a legal secretary role with a prominent Melbourne barrister. While Kristdel cherished her time in the legal field and acquired substantial knowledge, the demanding hours and challenging working conditions dampened her enthusiasm for the law.

Subsequently, Kristdel was recruited by another barrister who had recently launched an immigration business, which has since become one of Melbourne’s largest. Kristdel worked alongside him and his wife, assisting with immigration applications and contributing to the business’s growth. This experience revealed her passion for entrepreneurship, and Kristdel gained valuable insights that would shape her future endeavours. Realising her desire for higher earnings and a greater focus on her studies in a different field, Kristdel transitioned back to an administrative role within the superannuation industry.

Kristdel remained in this position until she completed her degree in criminology, after which Kristdel volunteered within state and local government, specialising in offense analysis and prevention. Her work was showcased at a local government forum focused on crime prevention techniques.

During this period, Kristdel met her second husband who shared her entrepreneurial spirit. Together, they established and managed a recruitment agency and a photography business. They lacked passion for both of these industries, and although successful, eventually abandoned the businesses. Kristdel went on to write and publish a book to fill in some down time whilst deciding what she wanted to next in her career.

Her work in criminology reignited her passion for the law, leading her to return to complete her law degree while employed at Minter Ellison and later with a private barrister. During this phase, Kristdel received another invitation to work in State Government and accepted a role as an Electoral Officer in Western Victoria. Although challenging, the role was rewarding, yet Kristdel still felt a longing to practice law. Consequently, Kristdel left the position and joined the Prosecution Department in local laws within local government. While Kristdel enjoyed the job, the work environment proved toxic.

Kristdel subsequently transitioned to another state government position, working in the legal and enforcement team at the Department of Education and Training (DET). While at the DET, Kristdel completed her law degree and eventually left to establish her own immigration business, which thrived until the onset of the COVlD-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, her husband obtained his law degree and they decided to launch their own law firm. Since 2018, they have been successfully operating their law firm. 

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