By Sarah Lisle

The 2024 International Women’s Day Theme is “Count Her In,” emphasizing inclusivity and empowerment. One crucial aspect of this theme is achieving financial independence, a topic that I particularly would like to delve into for this International Women’s Day. 

Growing up, my mother taught me invaluable lessons about financial independence, despite not being financially savvy herself. Two key lessons stuck with me:

  • Always contribute to a single woman’s pension, regardless of marital status (based on my experience in the UK).
  • Maintain a bank account in your name, even if you have a joint account.

Reflecting on these lessons prompted me to seek insights from friends about their tips on achieving financial independence, recognising that shared wisdom enriches our collective experiences.

Here are 10 tips to help women stay financially independent.

In addition to these invaluable lived experience contributions above, there are also free tools and resources available for women who want to learn more about financial independence. 

Websites like offer valuable information and tools for financial planning, including retirement planning. Whether it’s selecting the right superannuation fund or consulting a financial advisor, taking proactive steps toward financial literacy and independence is key.

About Sarah Lisle

Sarah is a purpose-driven and “ikigai-guided” leader who believes in connecting with inner self-development for outer transformation.

Her work is underpinned by collaboration, robust governance and a keen desire to strike mutual benefit through the lens of shared value.

Sarah brings with her 20+ years of knowledge in the non-profit and public sectors, international experience (the UK market) and a level of determination and grit that is needed to create an inclusive and equitable future.

As a lifelong curious learner, Sarah is always looking for ways to further develop her technical skills, knowledge and experience. Sarah continues to learn and contribute through her advocacy work, which involves social justice, inclusion and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.