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One of the most challenging aspects of building a career is to gain industry experience. Whether you are about to join the workforce or are looking to transition your career, having a solid industry experience increases your ability to secure a position.

Backed by the Melbourne-based boutique consultancy, Notonos, Resilient Leadership Academy (RLA) is a platform where driven individuals may gain industry experience by volunteering their time to work on a tangible project (or two). 

What does volunteering with RLA look like?

Our team works remotely and meets once every fortnight virtually. The RLA team is mentored by Dr Suzi Chen from Notonos whose career has spanned over 14 years and across many industries.

What kind of projects or positions will be be involved in?

A voluntary RLA position is a little different from your typical voluntary position. A RLA position is designed to tailor to your needs in terms of gaining industry experience. As such, all volunteers begin their journey with RLA by going through a short exploratory period (2 – 8 weeks depending on the individual) as a team assistant. During this the exploratory period, the volunteer will co-design their voluntary position with RLA to help them better shape their industry experience.

 How long can I stay involved?

A lot of work is invested in co-designing and coaching each volunteer, we would encourage all volunteers to commit to at least 6 months with RLA. If you are looking for a shorter voluntary experience, you are welcome to contribute to RLA via other means such as being one of our writers. On the other hand, there is no maximum duration when you volunteer with RLA if you would like to continue building your industry experience with us beyond the initial 6-month period. We may, however, work with you to refine your role with us over time to ensure your time with us stays relevant.

How many volunteers do you take on?

While there is no specific limit to our volunteer intake, we are also considerate who we bring onto our team. This means we could take on 1 volunteer or 20 volunteers at a time.

What type of volunteers are you looking for?

You don’t need to have specific experience to join us (you are with us to build your industry experience). But we really love to work with individuals who are motivated, love to learn new things and are willing to learn to work independently.

I would like to join the RLA team.

If you are ready to reach out to us, complete the form below and we will be in touch. We consider volunteers all year round. 

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