Yi Su dreamed of studying overseas ever since she was a little girl. Little did she know her hard earned dream was to be interrupted by COVID.

In this Power of Moving Forward episode, Yi talked to Dr Suzi about her international student and recent graduate experience in Melbourne, Australia. Yi shared some of the tips that have helped her achieve success despite of the uncertainty.

Show notes

Some great lessons and tips shared by Yi:

In terms of mindset, I always believe that if there is a will, there is a way. I think things are possible if we try our best. If we try our best, do everything we can and the result will take care of itself.

Resilience means that after each obstacle we will be able to pick ourselves up and go for the next challenge.

In terms of building my resilience, I have two main ways. The number one method is that I will keep a record of my success. So this means when I’m facing the next challenge, I feel it’s too challenging and I cannot handle it, I will look through or remember my past success and tell myself that I could do this before and I can do it this time.

The second method is to look for people who always believe in me, who always feel positive reactions to me when I’m facing challenges or when I think I really cannot do this. Those are the people, they will say “yes, you can do it. Yes, you did it. And this time you can still do it.” Those people, they really give me positive energy and strong belief in myself as well.

Be surrounded by people who believe in you and who are positive. Those are the people who will give you the energy and strength to overcome the next challenge and they won’t hold you back.

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