Life is full of curveballs. You are trying to stay positive and rise to the challenges. But to be honest and like many of us, you are probably getting sick of dealing with the curveballs that life constantly throws at us. Award-winning coach and business strategist Simon A. Ong may have some answers for you.

In this Power of Moving Forward interview, Simon shares with us how he develops a different perspective on life by talking about some of his own personal experiences including being in and out of employment for 10 months during the 2008 financial crisis.

Interview notes

To help you get the best out of this Power of Moving Forward interview, here are some gold nuggets from Simon:


And I realised over the years that I had internalised not my of success, but other people’s definitions, whether that is our parents, societies, sort of our colleague’s version of success.

… it beautiful to step back and do some deep self exploration to really peel away those layers of conditioning and understand who I really was and to express that with the world.

… when I began taking for where I was and where I wanted to be. The journey to where I am today really began.

… we tend to focus too much of our on the things that we cannot control. Now we focus too much on the things that we cannot control. We, you know, we get paralysed by overthinking.

… if you can focus on what is in your control, however small, because keep this in there is always something that is in your control and that is in your control. Guess what? You become empowered to take meaningful action forward again, however small, even if it’s just a tiny step forward, that is still progress.

… we live in the feeling of our thinking, moment to moment. We are living in the feeling of our thinking. And at any given moment, you have this power, you have this power to choose one thought over another at any given moment.

We don’t see the world as it. We see the world as we are.

Keep this in mind that if you want to truly lead others, it the path leading yourself first.

About Simon Alexander Ong

Simon is an inspirational individual who generously supports our Power of Moving Forward campaign with this interview. 

Everything that Simon does is built to inspire people to see their world differently and ignite their imagination of what is truly possible so that they can unleash their deepest potential. Having gone through the financial crisis and being on the job-hunting merry-go-round, Simon understands the lows and shares life’s highs.

As an award-winning coach and keynote speaker, he has been interviewed on Sky News, BBC and Forbes, and has spoken at some of the planet’s most successful organisations. He has also signed a deal with Penguin Random House to publish his first book in Spring 2022. 

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