If you are someone who thinks you must do everything yourself, think again. Remember the proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together”? Because it holds true. 

In this Power of Moving Forward interview, Project Management and Community Engagement Specialist Sarah Lisle discusses the importance of collaboration on resilient leadership. 

Interview notes

To help you get the best out of this Power of Moving Forward interview, here are some gold nuggets from Sarah:

… collaboration then makes it far more of a sustainable task versus a single vision. You know, why have a single vision when you can have multi-vision when you can have, you know, trans-disciplinary teams working on things to be far more resilient in their thinking and their outcomes.

All different generations are through so many different things, different people with different circumstances and lenses. But to truly remain hopeful, we go back into the core elements and learnings and understandings of taking back control of oneself. Because once we have control in ourselves, then we can influence and assist the greater community that we may find ourselves in.

… self-agency. If you feel empowered to take on that agency, even if it’s an agency, then you can affect others, you can affect your community in a positive way.

And so some people find it tokenistic when we’re talking about this all in this together. But we are all in this together. We just come with different backgrounds and different lenses. And so when you truly connect with somebody, when you’re truly actively listening to that person, you can get lost in the curiosity.

About Sarah Lisle

Sarah is a purpose-driven project manager and engagement professional with over 20 years of industry experience across the non-profit and public sectors both in Australia and the UK.

Sarah brings a superpower of dot joining unlike many others giving her the ability to strike mutual benefit in strategic collaborations and business improvement, with the aim of creating shared value for sustainable success.

As a lifelong learner, Sarah graduated with an Executive Master of Business Administration from the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong (UOW). She is currently undertaking her Graduate Certificate in Public Policy at Australian National University (ANU).

Sarah is an experienced board director, in addition to completing the Foundation for Directors course, with the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is an advocate for Social Justice, and frequently work on projects to enable and activate the United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals.