Trigger Warning: This page may contain information relating to someone's gender inequitable experiences including suicides. This may be triggering to readers with similar experiences.

This submission is part of the Expressions of Gender Equity art project - a 2021 International Women's Day initiative. We thank all artists who responded to our artistic briefs and are honoured to showcase their work.

Artist Statement

In response to the art brief:

“This piece was inspired by artist Paula Nasmith, a friend of mine from Canada. We work together often, via Instagram. She creates the most wonderful water paintings and I love to write about the characters she creates. This poem is a story of someone who is trapped, somewhere they don’t wish to be, not saying the things they wish to say. Keeping the peace but so deserving of freedom but she knows how much she is needed here.

Art Brief 

Leah Knight

Scarecrow Girl, 2021

United Kingdom | Poem

About the Artist:

My name is Leah Knight, I am a Mum to two wonderful boys. My husband and I, are currently chasing our dreams together, here in the UK. I have always written poetry since a very young age. I write each and every day. I love to write letters from fictional characters for my children, I love to write poetry as gifts for friends and family, I write poetry for my books. The older I get, the more I am exploring new topics, working with many wonderful creatives and I am learning so much about my craft and most importantly about the writer I am too.