Trigger Warning: This page may contain information relating to someone's gender inequitable experiences including suicides. This may be triggering to readers with similar experiences.

This submission is part of the Expressions of Gender Equity art project - a 2021 International Women's Day initiative. We thank all artists who responded to our artistic briefs and are honoured to showcase their work.

Artist Statement

In response to the art brief:

“The poem is saying that girls have the equal power that the boys have. The society used to believe that but nowadays they think that girls are weaker than boys. Little did they know girls have become stronger and will fight for their right.

Art Brief 

Prithila Acharjee Megh

Silence (Poem), 2021

Sydney, NSW, Australia | Illustration

About the Artist:

My name is Prithila Acharjee. I am thirteen years old and I am in Year Eight. I have a passion for drawing and dancing.